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The Company

We pride ourselves on a strong and dedicated team of Directors, Managers, Quality Assurance Co-ordinators, Training Providers, Assessors, Verifiers and Administrators.

All our trainers have academic qualifications in their field of expertise, however we believe that to offer the best service, our team need more than just ‘subject knowledge’ and ‘experience’.

The team is focused on what is important, and giving the customer what they want, when they need it is one of their prime objectives. We truly believe that ‘nothing is too much trouble’. On joining Jigsaw Training, all new starters undergo an extensive induction programme and although we take great time and effort to cover ‘the essentials’ we also spend time to ensure individuals gain a seamless integration into our culture and gain a true understanding of our core values and ethos.

Understanding what it’s like to work ‘for’ Jigsaw Training is a great way to understand what it’s like to work ‘with’ Jigsaw Training, so here is what our team have to say…

Coming from a background of working for large national companies where individuality is an ID number, team spirit is something you are told to have and the decision makers are a faceless entity, it has been a wonderful cultural change to work for a growing national company whose roots and ethos stem from a closely knit, family business.

This philosophy remains a cornerstone of our development. Jigsaw Training means “team” spirit because we all know each other, we all have an integral part in the business and we all know and understand where the company is heading. We are not the number on the player’s shirt; we are the player wearing it.


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