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Training scheme leads to promotions


Seventeen facilities managers from MITIE across the UK have passed their level 3 qualification – and some have been promoted.

All 17 candidates passed the course and some received promotions from MITIE as a result of the experience and knowledge gained from the training, run through Jigsaw Training in partnership with MITIE.

The year-long course, covered the key aspects of facilities management including financial, environment, HR, audit, accounts and management areas.

It included a number of rigorous assessments and students were expected to demonstrate that theory learnt in the classroom was being put into practice.

Candidates, who held varying roles within facilities management at different locations across the UK, met with Jigsaw Training tutors once a month and had ongoing support throughout the course, and also benefitted from mentoring by senior facilities managers at MITIE.

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Apprentices learning at schools


A group of apprentices is embarking on a year-long course which will take them into a county-wide network of primary schools.

The Apprenticeship scheme being run by Luton Borough Council, working in partnership with Jigsaw Training, will provide 10 apprentices aged 16-20 years old with a mentor whilst they work in the county’s primary schools as apprentice Site Agents.

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Online training academy starts to click


A new online training academy has been launched by a specialist provider in the field of facilities management to ensure its learners can access all learning materials and information at any time.

Access to the service is provided through the Jigsaw Training Learner portal of the company’s website for all those participating in any of the courses.

James Blackhurst, Managing Director of Jigsaw Training, said: “This means that our learners can now access their work on the go or from any location.

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