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The Benefits to Employers

Train to Gain can improve employers’ productivity and competitiveness by ensuring that employees have got the right skills to do the best job. Train to Gain will help businesses meet their skills needs by helping them choose the most suitable training provider/s and to get the best value for money from their investment in training.

Responsive: Through Train to Gain, all firms, big and small, will see a real cultural shift in the way in which training is delivered to make it more responsive. Employers can set the pace as they will agree who, when and how people are trained with the Skills Brokers and providers.

Skills solutions: Train to Gain will make it much easier for employers to find skills solutions to business problems. Skills for first full Level 2 qualifications are the priority for Government funding but that does not mean this will be the only level of qualification delivered, especially if the employer agrees to invest as well (so taking any subsidy even further).

Add value: Train to Gain will mean employers have a service that really adds value to their business, which will be delivered to a high quality and is expected to provide solutions to their business issues and problems.

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