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Level 3 Security First Line Manager Apprenticeship Standard

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This apprenticeship can be delivered to existing Security Managers in order to develop skills, knowledge and understanding or those that are newly appointed to a Security Manager position. The programme will develop knowledge, application of skills and behaviours when supervising people and conducting activities in line with regulatory requirements. It includes teaching of undertaking security risk assessments; providing security advice to others; understanding threat, vulnerability and risk; security methods, operations and activities; incident management and planning; stakeholder management; business communications and data security management within role(s) such as Ministry of Defence, Transport & Border Security and Private Security Industry.

By the end of this programme, learners will demonstrate knowledge and understanding and the ability to apply the skills and behaviours required for:

  • The different ways that organisations are structured and how their functions, culture and processes affect Security management, and how it can be set up in ways that will help the organisation to function more effectively.
  • Operational performance and the measures that can be put in place to manage performance level requirements in line with budget requirements.
  • Understanding internal and external customers and stakeholders encountered in the Security Sector, building relationships and how to balance customer service with security requirements.
  • Disaster planning and business contingency planning, and the lines of responsibility for health and safety
  • Operational planning in order to meet and, where possible, exceed security requirements
  • Continuous Professional Development
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