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Jigsaw Training - Case Studies

Booths supermarkets

Jigsaw Training has been working with the North West retailer Booths for the past 12 months developing the in house loss prevention team.

Having been successful in securing the contract, Jigsaw Training managing director James Blackhurst set about fully understanding the roles by spending time with both the Security Manager and the investigators on the ground, this time was invaluable when designing the programme for the team.

It was agreed that the team would embark on a full apprenticeship programme in security services. Jigsaw would design the programme and train the in house Security Manager to deliver some of the elements involved. This was a true partnership with the Booths and Jigsaw teams having very clear responsibilities to ensure that all the students received the highest quality training possible.

Stage one was for Jigsaw to carry out the inductions and design the Individual Learning plans for all students. Once complete, stage two was for Jigsaw to deliver a four day training programme culminating with all students passing three exams. Stage three was to start the roll-out of a 12 month practical work based learning programme consisting of on-the- job coaching, one-to-one tutoring and formal practical assessment of both knowledge and performance.

The students also attended workshops and completed projects during the programme to develop other areas of knowledge including both English and Maths for which all passed two exams.

The final part of the programme was the internal verification of all the evidence that the students had produced. They all successfully passed this scrutinisation having produced some excellent work.

Students were presented with their certificates by the chairman Mr Edwin Booth.

”Booths were a fantastic organiastion to work with and the dedication of both the security team and the in-house training team enabled Jigsaw to really deliver an effective development programme,” said James Blackhurst.

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