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Blog: An apprentice somewhere needs you


Did you know if you are a highly-skilled industry professional who still has more to give, you could become an apprenticeship tutor?

From property maintenance, business management to security and facilities management – you could be the perfect fit to help develop the skills the next generation needs.

So, what is needed to become an apprenticeship tutor?

Knowledge and skills

The best trainers are those with industry experience. Having the knowledge to conduct on-site practical training is what apprentices need to develop their skills in a hands-on environment.

Whilst knowledge and skills are important, having life experience is also a great asset. Being able to relate to people will enable you to form good relationships with your students so that they trust you.

Be a role model

Setting an overall good example is essential when delivering training so that you can impress a good work ethic to the apprentices that you are training.

Alongside the knowledge and skills you possess, having good time management, a smart appearance, being approachable and having the ability to communicate effectively are all key examples of the attributes you need to become a good role model.

Positive attitude

Motivating a team of people and equipping them with the skills they need is probably something you have done throughout your career without realising it.

Having a positive attitude can also contribute to motivating students throughout their studies. It builds their confidence whilst also helping them to enjoy what they are learning.


If you have the right attributes the chances are you could be a great fit to become an apprenticeship tutor. There are opportunities at all levels in a diverse range of subjects.

At Jigsaw Training we provide on-the-job training for individuals who have industry experience, the right attitude and want to teach.

Team spirit is in our genetics. We are a growing national company whose roots stem from a closely-knit family run business.

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