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Connecting with learners


The world is changing around us. Therefore, it is hardly surprising that what we experience as consumers we also want as learners.

This means your organisation’s learning and development efforts needs to keep pace with change, including what we learn and how we learn it.

The world has become much more personal and relevant to each individual. Think about keeping training tailored not just to teams and levels of learners but also treat everyone as individuals with their own needs. One size doesn’t fit all.

Think about keeping training sessions shorter rather than longer. Short bites can work, especially if you think how we communicate these days in texts, email, on Twitter and Facebook for example.

Sometime making a point in short enables the person to receive and retain it rather than a long-winded tour of the subject. It also depends on the level of training and some leadership courses for example will need to be more in-depth than others.

Use technology such as videos or the internet to help visualise learnings. The visual impact of these channels will help learners remember some of the detail later. Indeed, blended learning combining different formats online and offline can work effectively where the personal training helps reinforce the technical information.

Enable the learner to also find information for themselves where relevant and this way they can tailor content and gain good grades.

The pace of change around is rapid, but we must reflect this to ensure we stay relevant for the learners, who are also consumers.


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