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Blog: Getting the basics right can benefit everyone


Entering the world of work for the first time can be very daunting. Leaving the familiarity of school or college behind to start work brings with it new challenges and young people can find themselves in situations they have never been in before.

In the facilities sector, this could involve being in a customer-facing role for the first time, building relationships, representing a company, problem-solving, writing reports or handling finances.

This is where training comes in. People need real training for real jobs, they need experience, people skills and support to develop.

Training in the right environment, delivered in the right way can help a young person come out of their shell and learn the basics to ensure they can go on to have a long and successful career.

The lack of basic written and spoken English skills are a regular concern in the frontline service sector – which in turn impacts communication skills. Basic report writing and reading skills are often weak, alongside other non-verbal communication.

The level of maths is also poor in many cases – which can affect a person’s ability to perform tasks and also reduce opportunities for progression.

In our training programmes we support people to develop their English and maths skills alongside the other more practical skills they need for their day-to-day roles.

Observable behaviours can also be very poor meaning people are not aware of the image they are portraying of themselves and their employer. But, these people can become more positive, enthusiastic and determined, with the right support and guidance.

A lack of confidence can also be a problem. Training somebody to be confident isn’t an easy task but practical experience through apprenticeships can help a person believe in themselves more. The more they undertake a task with support the more confident they can become.

Experience is of course one of the key things employers are looking for when they are recruiting and this can be one of the hardest things to gain. But seeking out work experience through the relevant schemes could help to open doors in the future.

For instance, traineeships are a good opportunity to gain experience. This is a government backed programme run by employers and training providers. They are a combination of work experience, on the job and classroom training in areas including health and safety and communication skills.

Of course, the above doesn’t just apply to school leavers, upskilling is regularly required further down the line. For instance, the facilities management sector in which we operate offers many opportunities within first line management – but this is traditionally a weak area for development.

We often find these people are thrown into a supervisory role with very little training or development. However, it is essential they undergo the necessary training so they can develop and manage their teams efficiently.

Level three training programmes through City & Guilds, BIFM and the Institute of Leadership and Management can all help to support people at this level.

This just shows it doesn’t matter at what point you walk through the door into a job. Training and development opportunities are very often a necessity and are mutually beneficial for both employers and employees.

James Blackhurst

Managing Director

Jigsaw Training

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